Complete. Settling the insurance claim is just the beginning. We stay on the job to ensure the Association gets every dollar, every service it deserves, not just from the insurance carrier but also from the general contractor, too.

We work with your general contractor to identify the full extent of the damage and represent the Association’s interests while we settle the claim with your insurance carrier.

After the claim is settled to the satisfaction of the Association, rebuilding begins and our engineering partner, Dr. John Russo of RCI, oversees the work of your general contractor.

We work with the Board to ensure timely payments to your general contractor, submit payment requests to your insurance carrier, and manage homeowner communications. We will attend Homeowner and Board Meetings to explain the process and provide updates throughout.



  • Insurance companies often create a separate claim for each building in the Association. This can quickly get complicated with dozens of individual claims. Let us handle the details.
  • Review receipts for each claim and make sure each is paid in full by the insurance carrier.
  • Review contractor invoices to ensure accuracy and approve payables for the Board to submit payment.
  • Collect lien waivers, keep track of retainages, and collect warranty documentation.
  • Submit payment requests and all required documentation to your insurance carrier to release depreciation; checks are forwarded to the Association for deposit.
  • Full financial reporting on the exact status of each claim is available to the Board online at any time.


  • Dr. Russo and RCI provide technical assistance as part of the claims settlement process.
  • Detailed specifications that outline exactly how you want the project completed – not how the contractor wants to do the work.
  • Daily inspections of the work to ensure it is being completed per the specification.
  • Review punchlists to ensure completion.
  • Make sure the contractors are doing their jobs!


  • Work with the Association to prepare and send communications about the claim settlement and repairs to homeowners.
  • Work with the contractor to phase the project, shortening how long an individual homeowner is affected by the overall project.
  • Attend up to two Homeowner Informational Meetings to announce/explain the claims and construction process.
  • Attend up to one Board Meeting per month and two special Board Meetings during the claims settlement and construction phases.
  • Build and maintain a website related to the claim settlement and repairs to communicate with homeowners.
  • Serve as the single point of contact for all homeowner inquiries.
  • Prepare and send punchlist request forms to homeowners at completion of project phases.
  • Backed up by an office with a staff of 17, a call center, and an after-hours emergency line.


  • We have partnered with several General Contractors who will provide upgraded materials at no additional charge to the Association.



Lance Stendal

More about Lance

With over 15 years of Association Management experience I have been involved in numerous insurance claims, both large and small. I have learned that a successful insurance claim isn’t just about getting the most money you can from the insurance company for your loss. It’s about managing the entire process to make sure that the money you do receive is spent wisely and to the benefit of the Association.

Settling the claim is just the beginning of the process, and a lot can go wrong if you do not have outside experts working on the Association’s behalf to make sure the repairs are completed satisfactorily. Our engineering partner, Dr. John Russo of RCI, will provide construction expertise to ensure the project is completed not just to code but to the specifications you want. It means getting on the roof to look at the work and having the construction knowledge to know when you’re getting a good job and when you’re not. We have other experts who we bring in as needed, including architects, attorneys, licensed professional engineers, etc.

Your current manager or volunteers are probably working at their maximum capacity for your Association already. We provide the back office support and homeowner association management expertise so your manager or volunteers can continue to focus on their job and not be weighed down with extra responsibilities of handling a large insurance claim.


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